Apples and Oranges

Hello. Today has been a relaxful day…stayed home, cleaned, baked, and edited pictures. There are only a couple days left of summer, but I am really excited for next semester to start. I cant wait to get that creative energy flowing. I am really trying to become more creative, usually I am triggered to do a photoshoot by the simplest things. It can be lyrics to a song, a poem, sunset, or even just a cool looking dress. Then I walk around my neighborhood or drive around the city untill I find a spot. But I want to start planning them out more, sketch out ideas, prepare equipment, and have a destination. This can be really fun, and challanging. Anyway, I am off to take some photos and then spend the rest of the night painting.

kayaking is a great form of exersize. lol. we took off at around 5 and enjoyed the sun comming down. =)



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