Packing it up

I remember when I was 15, I was on my way home from church one night. It was just my mom and me and the car. She started talking to me about something my dad had been desiring in his heart for a long time, and that was to start a church plant. I was like, “cool I would like that someday”…but then she said, no its not just a dream anymore, its going to happen. My heart stopped at the frightening possibility. I knew that this was something I really wanted, but I never considered the actual pain of taking that step (packing our bags, leaving everything behind). That night was special, as we sat in the driveway laughing and crying. Its easy now to look back and see what God was working inside of me, but then I felt I was heading towards a very “uncertain” future. I say uncertain because there were no answers to big questions. But looking back now, I remember the peace and comfort that we experienced amongst God and our team. Four years later, the blessings have been more than I could ever have expected. I will have to dedicate a whole other post to all the blessings, but for now I wrote a song that just pours out thanksgiving and emotion to my Lord.

These are the days

we packed our bags, where not here to stay

These are the ways

He will lead our hand, we are not afraid

The maker of day and night

—————— chorus

Creator of this heart inside

The maker of heaven and light

And it shines for you, only you

Will you show me the way to your heart

everlasting, Lord you are the one


So we moved to this Town

Met a family, then saw them break down

At the mention of your name

And I knew I would now be the same

ps. maybe i can record it and put it on here.


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