The Hidden Land

So today I went to watch my sister play soccer. She just recently joined this local team, lead by Hispanics. I got in my car and left my house and about 10 minutes later I was following my directions into an area I had never entered. The trees grew closer and the road became dirt, honestly it looked like I was in a jungle but I continued. Soon enough the trees cleared and I found my self in an open space of soccer fields. BUT, the place was crowded with hispanics! Cars were lined up one after another, people laying on the grass, on the cars, on anything. Everyone yelling in spanish, there must of been 200 people there, not one u.s. American. The sun was hitting hard and the dust filled the air with every goal that was being made. Now, in the four years of my life in Canton Georgia, I occasional come across one hispanic or two. I am always praying for God to help me meet more, but I never could seem to find them in groups. Well today we hit the jackpot.




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