Little Yellow Lamp

Its a night of thunderstorms and diet coke. I am sitting at the edge of my chair leaning against my desk, my little yellow lamp lights this space. Not much silence is found these days with 4 classes, jobs, and a house like a hotel :)..But today was extra special, I saw a photograph that struck something in me. A 9 ft. photograph of the ocean, hung in the high museum of modern art. It was so big and clear, I could count the ripples. The closer I got the more I would get lost in it.  I felt as if i could jump right into the paper, swim a while and then climb back out. It was impressive.

These are some painting I have been working on…Each one was very fun to do. A blank canvas can be one of the scariest things until it becomes a gateway to freedom.:)


>so after a day of photoshoots, we got craving for milk and cookies.



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