Brain Storm

My mind is storming with thoughts, ideas, images, music, and people. Everything has a deadline and I cant think past it. At the end of the day, after a shower or tea, i find myself (again) on my back, thinking to the sounds of moon crickets. Its the most peaceful part of the day, and its all mine.

Everything lately: I am scared of my advanced painting class. Need more sleep and excersize. A lot of peers getting engaged. Old testament. Good conversation with stranger (Kieth). Spanish class kicking my butt (yeah wierd). Tennis every night. Ping pong competitions. Working for free (and so worth it). Moving to Gwinnette. Writing music. Voice cracking. Overdue laundry. Time alone. Time with God.

>I wrote a new song. Inspired by Moses (and they would speak face to face, as a friend speaks to a friend)


I was not intending to make any use of these photos, but I ended up liking them. Put a fan in front of a girl, take shots and watch her face light up.


3 thoughts on “Brain Storm

  1. I truly love the way you place your heart and mind into words…..some how those words always find a way to tuch my heart and illustrate beauty befor my mind’s eyes … thank you…keep it up.

  2. hello!!!!!! como estas Cristina!! espero que muy bien. te saludo desde Venezuela, aun sin olvidarnos de todos ustedes. WOW como has evolucionado con tus fotografias, son absolutamentes increibles!! me dejas sin aliento cada ves que veo tu trabajo. espero podamos hablar un dia de estos. se cuaida mucho, bye.

    post. perdon por no escribir en ingles, pero. my english is bad. hehehe

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