House of Me

Its not common to be all alone at home. One thing my house always has is people. People comming in or out, visiting or working, sleeping or eating, but today its just me. I can hear the creepy cracks in the wood, the air conditioning flowing through the vents, and the clock on the fire place ticking. I really like this, its as if my house has opened new spaces and cleared all the noise, for my mind to just.. think.

I have had hardly anytime to be bored lately. A lot of photoshoots scheduled and projects to turn in. I tried something new for several days. I got a subwoofer, water, and some good tunes. I watched the water dance as the music (or noise) came through. This school project turned into a big liquid mess and a ton of fun with friends. check out some of these pics. I also have a video but I am having trouble putting it up. =/


Today I went to subway (my favorate) and had a really good time in the word. lol i know kinda a wierd place for that. I really felt different when I walked out of the resterant. I have been reading through the old test these last 20 days, and I really feel I have began to see a side to God I had never seen before. His furry, His wrath, combined with His perfect love, and mercy. Oh, how important it is to have fear for the Lord.

“But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find Him if you look for him with all your heart and soul” Deat 4


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