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I saw the land you made, the crops and field, the birds that stayed

In the homes of strangers, and I knew I would stay.

It’s been so long, since I saw their eyes, and sang their song.

So here I am, with holes in my shoes and a camera bag

Won’t you please show me, because my heart knows no map

 Because there’s a fire

In my heart that burns

For the lost and broken

Those who are hurting

I can hardly here their voices

Because I’m clothed in riches, these dirty riches

Take my hands, my selfish plans

I’m following your command

Summer! flew by
This week: A lot has been put back into perspective. Starting with the GREATNESS of God. please watch. I have seen this video about 3 times…blows me away.
Abuela and cousins came to town. I love my family so much, I feel so blessed to spend a little time with them here. So far school/work/life has been so hectic, but I have been getting stronger and with the help of God conquering my battles.
>the night is good for a walk


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