In the Middle


These last couple of weeks we have only had RAIN RAIN RAIN. There has even been some serious floods, so bad that they closed my school for almost a week!..well, being forced to stay inside was not bad at all..I got the girls together and as soon as the sun came out we had a photoshoot. These girls are beautiful! (inside and out). This was my first time using strobe lights out doors. Before I shot these, I was inspired by some writing/poetry i found in my journal.


Some crazy things have happened to me lately. Its been a pretty eventful week, to say the least. LOL funny story
Tuesday night, as I was walking to my car from school, a PENCIL drops out of my bag, I step on it and stabb my foot! I had to pull the thing out! I dropped all my bags and fell to the floor (freaked out) and then started laughing.
Now i have a little scar on my right foot =/.
Also…Thursday afternoon while driving to school, I get in my first car accident! Thank God everyone was ok, and not too much damage done. I really have been learning to live on life’s positive end. Theres always a side of the story to complain about, but hardly do we look at the good. The blessing in my car accident was that I didnt get a ticket! Even though i hit the car! Everyone was safe, and now I am only going to be a better driver. =)

>This weekend we launch off to Gwinnett. Our first official church service there!


One thought on “In the Middle

  1. Wow… I didn’t know you got into a car accident.
    I need to work on that also… see life from a good prospective…
    You are going to be so used by God in Gwinnett and everywhere else He sends you. I am glad i had the opportunity to work with you in a group for a while. You are awesome! and I am blessed because of you.

    DLG <

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