Music has a way with me. It enters my soul, picks me up and stirs me around, then puts me down on a new set of feet. Today I am skipping all my classes just to sit here by my window. It rains hard and a ladybug crawls across my desk, I think I will let it be. I can hear my mom praying at the end of the hall way, her voice from a distance echoes into my room like soft music. Some days you should just stay inside.

I want to be stretched.
I don’t want to stop growing.

I scanned this 4×5 negative. its dusty and all, but I just loved this day.

>on another note
I had the best 21st birthday party. Thank you everyone for making it so special. I cant wait to see God multiply us in Gwinnett the way he has in woodstock. I am truly blessed to have you all as my friends/family.



2 thoughts on “Hallelujah

  1. Wickham has an amazing voice! I love the way you expressed your definition of music….Imagine when we all go to heaven and all the saints are singing to the Father…music indeed is a true universal language!

    miss ya!

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