Miami Colors

My grandparents backyard is place full of memories for me. Mango trees, hide and go seek, tall itchy grass, and a broken down tree house (that we still climb). My cousin and I went exploring to all the little places she now finds special. This took me back to many of my childhood memories in Miami. I am glad she gets to enjoy them now.
My breath was taken away with some of the littlest things, like the way her hair shimmered gold when the sun hit it. Or the way the wind blew the leaves and made fruits fall from the trees. It was all so beautiful for me. But the most beautiful thing was looking behind the eyes of a little girl who’s heart was filled with a fresh sense for adventure.


2 thoughts on “Miami Colors

  1. Cristy, your words and your photos made me cry…thanks for such beautiful memories. I love you very much,
    tia Luly

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