Last day of winter

I was warned by the thick rain drops that plopped on my back, that the storm was arriving. The light bulbs flickered off and on a couple of times as my mom and I cooked dinner. We made a delicious shrimp pasta with a creamy pesto sauce. It delighted my stomach to be full, especially after a whole day of nothing but coffee and nuts. Tonight was what my dad likes to call “tranquila” night, basically we all stay home and relax together. It was just what I needed.

I am coming to the end of a road and beginning a new one. *deep breath*. I am so scared. I want to be humble and ready for what ever God brings to me next. In July I leave to D.R. for a month and my prayer is to see God’s grace be sufficient for me. For Him to come through my weaknesses and unblind my prideful eyes. Take me deeper


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