Breathing Latin Air

VACATION! Finally finished with school and left on a very VERY spontaneous vacation. We sat in the airport not really knowing our destination because of our choice in travel. You see, my dad was an AA pilot so we can fly basically free with one catch, to go standby. After 24 hours roaming Miami International Airport, we were two very exhausted travelers on our way to the great city of BUENOS AIRES. I think the hotel balcony view helped me leave all my stress behind.

I cant explain how thrilled I was to be here. My journey had just began, and with my camera by my side I was ready to photograph the world! BUT….20 minutes after taking this picture, my dad got mugged while walking down a major street, and it had us back in the hotel in a heartbeat. I am very thankful that we are ok, but it made me hesitate every time I took out my camera because everyone began to seem suspicious to me. We enjoyed the city, watched some tango, and were soon on our way to IGUAZU FALLS. Located in between Argentina and Brazil. To get the best shots we viewed it from both countries.

My eyes have seen many beautiful things, but this is very high on the list. The Next day we woke up early and went to another side of the water falls.

Our next destination was Rio de Janero. My good friend Julia had just moved there and we were ready to practice our portuguese.

This City is absolutely gorgeous in the sun, but even more beautiful at night.

The Christ was so high in the clouds that this is the best shot I got of it.

These are really just a few of the photos I took.
It was a trip I will never forget.
The End 🙂


2 thoughts on “Breathing Latin Air

  1. Cris, what great shots!! I love them.

    I think that Rio is the most beautiful city that Ive ever seen, as far as natural beauty and that ethereal light!!!!! You captured it!

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