8 days left before I pack my bags and go to Dominican Republic for a month! The last time I was there I was 15. I remember my eyes teared up as I starred out the airplane window one my ride back to America. I had spent a week with the most amazing, humble, and loving people I had ever met. I saw miracles happen in front of my eyes. I promised myself I would come back, and 7 years later its coming true.

Now I am sitting on my kitchen table with my grandma enjoying our tuna sandwiches and editing this portrait of a client of mine. She is having a 50th birthday party and wanted to enlarge the only self portrait she owns of herself as a child. I took a look at it and asked her if it was ok if I tried restoring it. So here it is. Let me know what you think…


2 thoughts on “Restoration

  1. That D.R. trip was my favorite mission trip…I hope you and Juan have an amazing time! I’ll be praying for you guys 😀

    Mickey *o*

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