Seaside Engagement: Mabel & Jerrik

I think that when you find someone right for you, you just know. I am always intrigued by couples who meet and marry in a short time frame. Their passion for one another must be so strong that all fears disappear. They know God brought them together and rest in the peace of each others arms. That is more than enough for them.

I am so grateful that Mabel and Jerrik invited me to share in their love story.

The sunset on the ocean and the wind blew their love across the sky.

Wedding Photos coming soon…


6 thoughts on “Seaside Engagement: Mabel & Jerrik

  1. Just lovely and sooooo romantic! You are very talented Crys! I believe Mabel and Jerrick will treasure their pictures for the rest of their lives!

    1. sii, yo se!!! quedaron tan hermosas!! tuvimos el privilegio de tener a una persona muy especial y muy muy talentosa tomando las fotos para nosotros 🙂 fue un regalo que ella nos hizo y quedaron tan bien!! ya empezo todo este camino de felicidad 😀 no importa lo que venga, el amor esta en y en medio de nosotros 🙂
      abrazos Natys!

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