Happy Birthday Mom

We drove around town today doing errands, our nails, and enjoying our favorite mexican chicken soup! On our way home we saw a woman hitchhiker carrying a heavy box along with some bags. My mom immediately asked me to turn around and help her. The funny thing is that I always see people on the side of the road that I wish to pick up or help, but never do. I’m usually convinced by my fear that I made the right choice. In our 5 minute drive to her home we both noticed that she was lonely, in pain, and afraid. We wished her blessings as we said good bye and then drove away with a new sense of gratitude.
I appreciate my mom for being brave. For not letting opportunities to help be unseen. For being strong through her pain and showing us hope in Christ. I love my mom. She is one of my heroes. I actually have moments where I pause and think, what would my mom do? haha you might not believe me, but she IS the best mom in the world 😉


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Mary is an incredibly special person. She has the ability to make anyone she meets feel right at home and loved within minutes. She is always kind and thoughtful, going the extra mile to take care of people. I love and respect my dear friend Mary! Happy Birthday to a wonderful, godly woman and a great lady

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