Cheap Grace

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said more than 50 years ago that grace had
become cheapened. I wonder what he would say today? I’m all for
grace, but I’m horrified at the cost by which it came. I can’t for
the life of me understand how we can so often claim to have
received it and yet bear no resemblance in character to the one who
gave it. God’s Word through Samuel is a harsh one. Yet it is one
that I believe we must include in our triumphant song of grace. You
see, true grace changes us. It will make us gracious and more like
the Grace-giver himself. If not, what we call grace is impotent,
powerless, and false. Paul called this a form of religion that
denied God’s true power in us (2 Timothy 3:5). Let’s return
obedience back to the pantheon of virtues and rescue it from the
attic of our religious past.

My dad sent me this article last week, and it has not left my mind. Whether it’s something spiritual or physical, he is always challenging my thinking.
-Iguazu Falls


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