Paper Memories

I have been realizing how many families don’t have a recent family picture (including my family). Ever since social networking exploded, a physical family album has converted to digital (facebook) photos. My mom made dozens of albums of our family when we were growing up, but completely stopped about 10 years ago. Until this day I love laying them all out on the floor and spending hours reminiscing on all the forgotten memories. They bring back so many emotions that I really don’t want to let go. Some are the greatest moments in my childhood, like spending the summers at the beach, or playing with the hose in the backyard. One I recently found was of my dad holding me in Disney World. I was four and I was terrified of all the dressed up characters. I love the photo not only because of the look on my face, but because of the way my dad held me. You can see how I gripped tightly to him as he protected me from the GIANT mouse I thought would eat me.

So, I finally got my family to take pictures. I was so excited!! This one will be printed and last for my kids to see.


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