1 million boxes please

Its almost the end of the year, and it really feels like it too. Someone finally put  out an offer for my house and we are out of here before christmas. So I am looking at a calender right now and it looks like we have a little less than a month to pack  and compartmentalize 6 years of our lives. Thats three stories full. I am including the basement because over the years its become a storage unit for all kinds of things. One area with four shelves was given to me when I started art school. Those four shelves multiplied themselves into a hot mess. And I have avoided organizing it because I was afraid of what would pop out. So FINALLY I spent the last two days of my life sorting through oil painting, clay models, and dusty negatives. There were some projects that needed to be burned years ago! And some work was actually decent enough to keep. I felt so grown up taking out my trash this morning, like I had shed a couple of pounds. Who knows maybe the work I do now will be in the trash pile in 5 years, but just because it gets thrown away doesn’t mean it was ever worthless. I am thankful for every ugly photo it took to be where I am now, and for all ones I will keep taking.


3 thoughts on “1 million boxes please

    1. I know isn’t that crazy?!
      Everything is pretty under control, so dont worry! I do want you to come over and say hello though!

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