Happy Endings and New Beginnings

I finally got my 8 hours of sleep for the first time since December 1st.

Actually it was like 10…I was SO tired.

Here is the recap of my  life in the last month, through iphone pictures!

We moved to a new house! Here are all of our amazing friends that helped out.


Hiking over the Holidays

Christmas was really nice, I got some suprizes…like my new iphone 4s!!! Later that night we went ice skating and had a blast.

I went to a conference called Faithwalkers, and had a wonderful reunion with my friends I met in the DR over the summer.

Listened to some powerful teaching

My family from Miami came to visit. The house was packed with joy and laughter.

Had a big breakfast almost every day

Celebrated the New YEAR with my church.

And I started the new year going to PASSION 2012. Onc of the most exciting, challenging, fun, emotional, amazing, spiritual, and life changing experiences of my life

3 Million Dollars were raised to help fight against Human Trafficking. Our generation CAN make a difference.

I am starting this year feeling stronger than ever. Its only through the power of God that I can say that.


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