Amazing People II

Meet Matthew, a 16 year old pilot, who I entrusted my life to last week!

Well, he is a pilot in training ;). We went out for a flight around town and it was such a thrilling experience! I had to contain my screams the entire time. My sister and I were gripping on to each other for dear life in the back seat and before we new it he had us safely on the ground.

I have always admired people that new what they wanted to do at such a young age. My dad says he always knew he was going to be a pilot. Even my grandmother says that when he was little he was completely captivated by air planes. The day he retired was one of the saddest days for him, and even today he remembers his career with a huge smile on his face. I see the same passion in Matthew that I saw in my dad. Focused. Driven. and completely in LOVE with what he does.

HUGE smiles on our faces to be touching the ground!

Matthew! I can speak for my family when I say that we are all so proud of you. Not only are such a hard worker and driven, but your heart for the Lord is a blessing. I am so glad to have you a part of our team.


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