Be Loved

A wedding that brought me to tears.

I was in a completely different place in my life 3 years ago. Marriage and Love painted a very negative picture in my mind. I saw it as breaks to my speed racing life. I feel selfish admitting this, but I didn’t want anything or anyone slowing me down. I remember talking to friend on campus one day, he simply had given up on love. For him it DID NOT exist, and it was nothing more than some fairy tale word that tricked couples into signing there life away. I knew he was wrong but I couldn’t defend the word. I didn’t know how.  And although I wanted to prove him wrong, deep inside I was fearing the same.

3 years later, today, I look back on the journey God has taken me through. Through loved ones, God patiently showed me that He created something beautiful and sacred. Although it took some pain and some joy, I am at a new place with love. To be able to love you need to first be loved. This is a powerful statement but I believe it to be true.

And the best example I have is God’s UNFAILING love for me!


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