Sunnie + Sean Wedding: The Farm

Sunnie and Sean met in college and have spent the last 8 years together. I really got to appreciate their love for each other and what a fun, laid back environment they created. The two are perfect for each other! When he proposed on the tip of that snow slope, the beginning of their adventure had just begun. Their wedding was one of the funnest I have ever been a part of, because thats exact ally how they are.

Howling like a dog…no better way to get pumped up

The Venue was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.

One of the most important moments of your life.

I think everyone was ready for a little fun!

Thank you Jennifer Noel for your second eye and support.

Thank you to the amazing owners (Lee and Dixie Bagley) of The Farm venue.

And of course, to the wonderful Bride and Groom! Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your BIG day 🙂


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