Acworth Beach Engagement: Kristina & Nathan

I met Kristina in art school, and Rafael met Nathan in church. The two of us built strong friendships with them in such important times in our lives. Years past before Kristina and Nathan ever met, but because of their mutual friends their paths crossed several times. One day Raf and I planned to go out for dinner. I asked Kristina to join me, and Raf invited Nathan…you can see where this is going. It wasn’t long after they met that Nathan called Raf and told him he could not stop thinking of her. Of course, our match making personas came into play and before we knew it the four of us were doing everything together. 10pm yoga classes fell somewhere in the mix. It has been amazing to sit back and watch the last two years pass by as they have entered into such a beautiful journey together. There is so much more I can say about these two, but I am just grateful they found each other.
Their engagement session was extra special because of how much them mean to me. I cannot wait for their gorgeous plantation wedding next year!!


8 thoughts on “Acworth Beach Engagement: Kristina & Nathan

  1. Oh my word! So incredibly gorgeous! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! You are so talented and your models are breathtakingly beautiful. Every photo perfectly captures their love for one another and warms my heart.

  2. These pictures are beautiful!! you are very talented Cristy 🙂 and this couple looks so in love! Many blessings to them.

  3. The look on your faces tells it all. You two just glow, not just on you faces, but glows with the love of God. Nate, it was certainly worth the wait to find and fall in love with Kristina. I’m sure Kristina feels the same way about you too. Grandpa and I can’t wait to see the both of you. Love You

  4. Christy you captured the amazing love that Krisitna & Nathan have for each other in these wonderful photos! You have an awesome talent!!

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