The People Business

This year I realized how challenging it was for me to constantly be meeting new people and being comfortable, while trying to make them feel comfortable with me. When your work starts being appreciated by others besides your mom friends, the fear of stepping out of your “comfy” zone can be very intimidating. My boyfriend calls me an introvert with social skills. I used to think an introverted person = extremely secluded behavior…So when he called me that, I was kinda offended. He was quick to explain himself, it simply means I regain energy by being alone. Reading a book. Or doing whatever cristy-time means.

I love how we are all made so differently. What may seem like a huge challenge for me, comes so naturally to others. It’s not something to be discouraged about, just another opportunity to see the uniqueness in everyone. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring into my life, job, and character.


Photo’s of K&N


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