Around the world in one DATE: My Engagement

I could never have wished for anything better.

Its already been a week since Rafael proposed and I am still speechless! ahhh…Ok so the story goes like this…

On the morning of November 13th (my birthday) Raf arrived at my house for our mystery date. He looked so handsome standing at my door, I can’t imagine a better site to wake up to. Also, he was extra giggly! If you know Raf you KNOW his laugh…its so contagious! Thats one of my favorite things about him, but anyway, back to the story! He hands me a passport and says “I know your passion for traveling, so we’re going around the world in one date”. As you can see in the photo, he had created a little passport for us, filled with adventures for the next few hours.

We drove all around town listening to soundtracks of different countries. He would slip in some french music on our way to our favorite french bakery. Later we chilled in “Hawaii” as he played his ukulele and ate pineapple & ham pizza. Then Africa, England, Brazil, and so on. Little did I know he was trying to get me to a very special place, Barnsley Gardens. When we arrived at the gardens, the “Fairy Godmother” took us on a tour of the ruins. She did an amazing job pretending to never have met Raf before. Actually everyone working there knew Raf’s master plan, so they very conveniently had an emergency and dropped us off at the ruins. This is when we began to explore on our own…

I was completely clueless at this point, but started noticing candles lit and perfectly placed all through out the ruins.

Thats when He turned to me, looked me in the eyes, and asked me to join him in one last adventure. He got on his knee and asked me to be his wife.

Our family listened to the entire proposal while hiding. I was overwhelmed with joy to see them in this moment.

You can talk about this moment your whole life. But when it happens…(ahh tearing up)…with the right person…its unlike anything I could have ever dreamt.

Happiest day of my life.

And after the most amazing day, I woke up the next morning and looked at my ring. It was as if I was looking at it for the first time.

He found an artist named, Alexis Russel, who uses fine recycled metals, and conflict-free gemstones and diamonds.

This ring is perfect for me.

I am going to marry the most amazing man I have ever met! I am seriously still blown away that God chose him for me.

SO blessed.


4 thoughts on “Around the world in one DATE: My Engagement

  1. This is so beautiful!! I still cannot believe it. I so dreamt of you being proposed to on your birthday and Nelly dreamt it before she died. She was so right about you and Peach getting engaged before the end of the year.

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