Freshman Portraits

Spent a lovely afternoon with Stephanie. She is a freshman in high school and is turning 15! In the hispanic community, 15 is considered the age when a girl becomes a woman. A big celebration follows, known as “Los Quinces”, and we go ALL out. We’ll take any good reason to have a party! Advertisements

Cochran Family Session

I cannot express how much I love this family. I had the privilege to get to know Jaime and Craig on a profound, heart opening, and healing experience, as I did 2to1  mentoring  through Buckhead Church.  I will always hold on to the truth and love they spoke to me. I am so glad I got to […]

Galvez Family Session

Taking family pictures has always been fun, but this shoot in particular was very special to me. One of my closest friends, Julia, moved to Brazil about a year ago in pursuit of a new job, growth and opportunities. Although this has been exciting for her, it has spread her family apart. Her sister Fernanda recently had […]

Raschio Family Portraits

Its interesting how all my close friends have been getting married so quickly. Its like we reached that time of our lives and it came in a flash. Vanessa, one of my best friend from my childhood, had an amazing man come into her life. Along with her two brothers (who also found great women) […]

Paper Memories

I have been realizing how many families don’t have a recent family picture (including my family). Ever since social networking exploded, a physical family album has converted to digital (facebook) photos. My mom made dozens of albums of our family when we were growing up, but completely stopped about 10 years ago. Until this day […]

Growing Slow

I have known Alondra and Micaela for almost two years now. Their relationship is different from any mother-daughter relationship I have ever seen. Alondra in many ways has a childlike spirit to her, she is constantly reminding us of how to enjoy the simplest things in life. Micaela can sometimes seem like a little adult. […]