Cayo Sombrero – Venezuela

Just got home and all I can do is thank God for such a beautiful experience in Venezuela. I have so much to say. So much in my heart. SO SO MUCH… But I am going to continue gathering my thoughts and leave you with some of my favorite scenic photos. Most of them are […]

Caracas – Venezuela

A couple of weeks ago my parents asked me if I wanted to go with them on a trip to Venezuela. Without hesitation (of course) I cleared my schedule and tagged along. We arrived to Caracas (the capitol) on Tuesday and have been hosted by an amazing family. They are life long friends of my […]

Summer 2011

Sometimes I get tricked into believing that I have to be some grand person to impact the lives of others. I quickly realized I was wrong in DR. It’s actually in our weaknesses that we are made strong. There was nothing I could bring more valuable than a suitcase full of love.

Breathing Latin Air

VACATION! Finally finished with school and left on a very VERY spontaneous vacation. We sat in the airport not really knowing our destination because of our choice in travel. You see, my dad was an AA pilot so we can fly basically free with one catch, to go standby. After 24 hours roaming Miami International Airport, we were two […]

Miami Colors

My grandparents backyard is place full of memories for me. Mango trees, hide and go seek, tall itchy grass, and a broken down tree house (that we still climb). My cousin and I went exploring to all the little places she now finds special. This took me back to many of my childhood memories in […]