Kid’s on the block

As usual, my stomach begins to tighten as a photoshoot is near. No matter how excited, thrilled, and grateful I am for the job, I can’t help but get nervous the night before! As I drove home on a late Friday night, Raf, as he usually does, tried his best to keep me up on the phone. He knew how nervous I was feeling about the next day’s client shoot, so he offered to come a long. I jumped on that offer!

In return, I proposed we would work on the yard together and get it done in half the time (with my help). So as I started planting flowers he climbed the ladder and reshaped trees and bushes. One of Raf’s neighbors laughed at my petrified scream as I was trying to get worms off my miniature shovel. He offered to help and then his buddy joined too, so this team of two had multiplied. They were so helpful and willing to do anything we needed. We paid them back with icees and high fives! Great Saturday


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