I DO – post wedding thoughts

I am not sure where to begin.

I feel like all time stopped and it was just the two of us. From the moment I heard him say he would love me forever, my joy has only been increasing. It’s been a month since the wedding and it feels like 3 days. This kind of joy is so hard to express, but it’s the best kind of joy. It creates a strong bond because you are sharing it with someone who feels just as strongly about you. The words I LOVE YOU hold such a precious meaning to me. We made a promise to not ever say them until we were on that altar. Four years ago, I couldn’t have imagined how glad I would be to finally tell him. Although I loved him all along, I needed to show him with my actions instead of simply telling him. And he did the same. I was so confident in our love, I knew those words were pouring out of him daily just by the way he would look at me. The way he would serve me. The way his needs were so minuscule compared to my needs. He loved me, but most importantly he showed me.

April 19th, our wedding date, completed this part of the journey. I know we have so much ahead of us and honestly that’s scary at times, but being married has made everything make sense. Every morning and night he tells me he loves me. I guess we are making up for lost time, but its like those words will never get old. I truly feel one with him, and it’s so so so good. He is my other half, a piece of me.

Can you tell I am in love? haha This inexpressible joy, I cannot contain it!


If you would like to see our engagement photos, head over to OUR PHOTOS taken by the beautiful girls from Libelle Photography!


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